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Garrison Brothers Distillery

About The Business

Garrison Brothers Distillery is a small distilled spirits plant located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We manufacture Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon Whiskey from our kitchen, still-house and barrel barns in Hye, Texas. We are proud to be the first legal bourbon distillery in Texas history!

Businesses like ours are great for Texas. We are serious consumers of organic Texas corn and wheat and, after distillation, our bourbon mash becomes the most nutritious cattle feed available anywhere. Few businesses are as environmentally-friendly as ours. As an agricultural processor, we cook by hand our own sweet bourbon mash from number one organic grains (corn, winter wheat, malted barley and rye). We buy almost all our grain from independent Texas farmers and their coops. We even grow our own soft red winter wheat here on the farm. The other secret ingredient is Hill Country rainwater, captured with state-of-the-art collection systems at our facility, and filtered with an ultraviolet light purification system. We recycle, reuse or resell every ingredient or by-product that is grown on, delivered to, or processed at our beautiful Hill Country farm and ranch.

It is our hope that the Texas legislature will legalize responsible sampling, which will enable us to open our distillery, tasting room, gift shop and barrel barns to the public for tours, tastings and special events.

P.O. Drawer 261
Hye, Texas 78635
(830) 392-0246